Green Earth

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is a collection, processing and recycling it is classified by source and composition. Waste materials are either liquid or solid in form, and their components may be either hazardous or inert in their effects on health and environment. The term “waste” is typically applied to solid waste, sewage(wastewater), hazardous waste and electronic waste.

Problems of Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal Solutions

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The implementation and consistent practice of the three Rs, will not only be able to manage waste but also move in the direction of achieving zero waste.

Effective Waste Disposal and Managements

It ensures there is gradual improvement of new and cost-effective facilities which aim to encourage higher environmental protection standards.

Control and Monitoring Landfill

By applying these techniques and monitoring the construction and demolition materials that sometime go into landfills which further worsen the management of solid waste can easily be managed.