Green Earth


Infections to Humans

Skin irritation and blood infections resulting from direct contact with waste,and transmitting bacteria from waste to infected wounds.

Air Pollution

The open burning of waste causes air pollution or greenhouse effects. For example burning of rubber and plastic.

Affect Climate

As some waste decomposes,it releases greenhouse gases into the athmosphere.Like trapping of heat on earth that may affect abnormalities of weather conditions.

Soil Contamination/Pollution

Is caused by the presence of man made chemicals,the softness of the ground,having smelly soil vapor and other alteration in the natural soil environment.

Sanitation and Waste Management

- Sanitation and waste management both refer to appropriate management of waste to protect people and the environment.
- Sanitation generally focuses on liquid waste and waste management on solid waste.
- Liquid waste includes all types of wastewater and includes human excreta. Solid waste is any solid material discarded by people and is often classified according to its source.